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Structural Insulated Panels - SIPs

Structural Insulated Panels, or SIPs, are a game changer - so much so that we are the ONLY factory-built company using SIPS. Why are they such a big deal?  Read below!

Why SIPs?

If you want to learn more, visit here their official site

30% More Efficient

California’s Energy Code is becoming tougher in 2023 with stricter guidelines. Despite rising housing costs, SIPs offer an affordable solution. Their superior efficiency ensures energy certification and year-round comfort with minimal external noise. Our factory exclusively utilizes SIPs for quality housing.


A SIP is quite simply a sandwich of Oriented-Strand board sandwiched to a large piece of solid Styrofoam. All of these products are sourced from unused raw materials. For example with stick frame lumber it must be straight and long, the left over wood is glued together to make OSB. 

Labor Reduction = Cost Savings

In a factory-setting, were everything is patterned, the time savings we achieve using panels instead of individual sticks is tremendous. This actually allows us to create more jobs and more housing. The faster we go, the more we build.

Intermediate Panels

SIPS allow us to flex our factory modules on site. Need a bigger house, a bigger great room or a garage we can modify our designs to include more panels in-between our factory modules to customize your home. 

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