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Leading the transformation of housing production in California.


The Beginning

PreFab Innovations began out of frustration in 2019. Our Founder and executive, a problem solver by nature, was growing weary of barriers to lack of jobs and lack of housing opportunities for the people he was serving. A simple question sparked this company: "What if I could create jobs by building innovative housing?" With that question needing to be solved, Dave Clevenger researched, developed, & founded PreFab Innovations, Inc.


Today, we are:
-The most advanced SIP modular factory in California
-We build Net-Zero homes
-We offer off-grid options
-We train factory processes
-We serve the entire state with sales affiliates

-We are frictionless

Dave served 22 years in the Navy.

Two Marine Corps Combat Corpsman Tours (OEF 2012 and Southwest Asia Campaign 1995)

Two Navy Vessels (USS Juneau and USS Coronado)

Three Shore Tours (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; Navy Personnel Command; & MCAS Miramar)

Saved by grace through Christ in 2011, Dave passionately pursues Christ by loving God and loving our neighbors in word and deed.

Dave is currently leading an affordable housing innovation initiative which promises to place 10,000 factory-built affordable housing units in service by 2030.


Dave Clevenger

Dave Clevenger is a Visionary Leader, Problem Solver, & Innovative CEO. As a Serial Entrepreneur he has created 10 businesses and is currently leading a nationwide intiative to change the housing is permitted, built, delivered & powered.


PreFab Innovations:

Will lead the transformation of housing production in California.

Will serve our customer as if our own family was going to live there.


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