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Pick Your House

We have several predesigned homes available.  A predesigned home has plans that are already stamped and ready to build to CA Code.  If you would like something more custom, there will be additional time and expense, however our in-house draftsman can bring your vision to life in a custom modular design.

How it works?

So, You Ordered a House.  What's Next?


Factory Work

Your home will be built WHILE your site work is happening. This is where the fun begins.  Your home will be built in the factory by skilled tradesmen, all collaborating in one climate controlled place.  Rainy days don't slow us down! 



It's time for your home to make it's journey down the road to you. Once your site has passed inspections, your home will be delivered to you via truck and sometimes, crane.  The Pocket Home professionals will make arrangements for travel permits, and equipment for the safe travel of your new home.


Site Work

Once you have made the decision about which house to purchase and what style you would like, it will be time to prepare your site for the home.  A foundation will be poured and utilities will be prepared to hook up to your home when it arrives.


Almost There

Once your new Pocket Home arrives, the Pocket Home Professionals will work to secure it to the foundation, hook up utilities and get your plumbing situated.  Your home will then receive one final inspection before you receive your Certificate of Occupancy.


Choose Your Style

Are you more modern or traditional? Choose between our pre-selected options of modern design elements or traditional. Need more creative input? Our Pre-Fabulous option will allow you to work through all of the design details with the liberty to choose the fixtures and elements that are just your style.

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