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  • Can I view models in person?
    Yes! We currently have a Pocket 144 Suite and Pocket 576 Home modeled and ready for viewing at our factory in Fresno. Call to schedule a walk-through today!
  • How much does a Pocket Home or Suite cost?
    We take a lot of factors into consideration when pricing our Pocket Homes. Contact us to get the most accurate pricing on a Pocket Home!
  • How long does it take to build a Pocket Home or Suite?
    We build in our factory while you are going through the permitting and site development processes. Build time ranges from 3-8 weeks depending on the design and Pocket Home.
  • Can I have a Pocket Home as a backyard Accessory Dwelling Unit?
    Yes! The State of California allows each residence to have one backyard Accessory Dwelling Unit. Learn more about ADUs here!
  • Do you have preferred lenders?
    Yes! Check out our Preferred Lenders page to find lenders in your area!
  • What permits do I need for a Pocket Home or Suite?
    Required permits depend on the municipality in which you are in , the type of property you own, and the utility services already provided on-site. Pocket Suites may only require Accessory Unit permits, depending on the size. If under the municipality's maximum accessory square footage, you may not need a permit. Pocket Homes and Accessory Dwelling Units will require building permits and certificate of occupancy. Different municipalities may require additional permits and certifications.
  • What is the permitting process like?
    Zone clearance and creation of site plan are the first steps in the permitting process. Once a site plan is turned in, it will take anywhere from 2-6 weeks for initial review, also known as a plan check. Once reviewed, the city/county will respond with comments and notes on the site plan, which will need to be addressed in additional submissions. Once all notes have been addressed and reviewed again, the city may issue a building permit. Inspections will be conducted throughout the entire construction process. A final inspection will occur at the end of construction before receiving the certificate of occupancy. Once received, you may move into your new Pocket Home.
  • Do you help with the permitting and site development processes?
    Yes, we do! Our development team will help guide you in the permitting process and provide you with the necessary materials to submit to your local government. We have a vetted list of contractors to provide each buyer to assure you are receiving the best service for each site development component.
  • Can Pocket Homes be used a single-family homes?
    Yes! Our Pocket Homes are built to Title 24 Building Code, meaning they meet all requirements to be a single family home.
  • Can I design my own Pocket Home?
    Yes! We have multiple designs ready to build, but we can work with customers to create a special design that matches their need.
  • Do you build on-site or off-site?
    We build our Pocket Homes and Suites off-site in our Fresno factory. This allows for quicker delivery and build times because we are building your unit at the same time you are preparing your site for your Pocket Home!
  • Can I make my Pocket Home multi-story?
    Yes! We have a two-story loft design ready for build, or you can design your Pocket Home with two stories!
  • Do Pocket Homes come with solar?
    Our Pocket Homes are delivered pre-wired for solar. Options are available for installation.
  • Do Pocket Homes come with appliances?
    Ask Dave
  • Are Pocket Homes and Suites insulated?
    Yes! We use Structural Insulated Panels, also known as SIPs, and they are 30% more energy efficient and allow us to build your Pocket Home or Suite faster than other housing types. Learn more about SIPs here!
  • How big or small can I make my Pocket Home?
    We have Pocket Home models that include studio designs as low as 288 sqft. and two bedroom, one bath homes that reach 744 sqft. Our Pocket Homes are modular and can be custom designed to be as large as the customer would like. If using a Pocket Home as an ADU, California law prohibits units above 800 sqft.
  • Do you have off-grid or partially off-grid options?
    ask dave
  • Are Pocket Home and Suites temporary or permanent?
    Our Pocket Homes are permanent structures that tie into utilities. Pocket Suites structures designed to be permanent, but are not tied into utilities so they can be moved if desired.
  • Where can I place my Pocket Home or Suite?
    Anywhere! Pocket Homes will need concrete slab foundations and have to follow local laws, but as long as they are installed correctly, they can be put anywhere! Pocket Suites do not need to be set on a foundation and do not require major permits, so they can be placed anywhere they fit!
  • Do you deliver? Where do you deliver?
    Yes, we deliver! We can delivery fully constructed Pocket Homes and Suites anywhere with use of truck and trailer or crane. For bigger spaces, we can deliver by truck and trailer. For more difficult and smaller spaces, we will crane in your Pocket Home and drop it in! Delivery is not included in the base price of homes as many factors and costs need to be taken into consideration when making a delivery.
  • Is the customer responsible for site-development planning?
    Yes, the customer will be responsible for the cost and coordination of site development. Pre-Fab Innovations will assist in the process and put the customers in contact with vetted contractors to carry out site development.
  • What preparations and site development requirements does the customer need to take care?
    The customer will need to pour a concrete slab for foundation and get utilities brought to the site from the main residence. For new single-family homes, utilities may need to be put in entirely along with the concrete foundation.
  • What utilities do I need to bring to the site? What type of connections?
    Pocket Homes will need water, sewer and electricity pulled to site. Pocket Suites that do not contain bathrooms will only need electricity. Every model is equipped with 30 AMP 120 volt, RV electric hookups.
  • Are you licensed general contractors?
    Yes, we are licensed general contractors. Our California Contractors license number is #11078820
  • Are Pocket Homes built to CA Title 24 building code standards?
    Yes, our Pocket Homes are built to CA Title 24 building code standards.
  • What other certifications does Pre-Fab Innovations have?
    Pre-Fab is currently certified to produce factory-built homes. We are working on obtaining certification to produce commercial units. Our Pocket Homes are LEED certifiable.
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