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The Factory

The PreFab Factory is a truly unique gem nestled in downtown Fresno, Ca.  Inside the walls of this industrial building, innovation is happening.  It is where a home appears from nothing in the course of weeks instead of months.  Where teams collaborate to build walls one structural insulated panel at a time.  Where lives are changed through jobs and housing as we work to make positive change in the community. Where we design, plan, permit and install ADU's in a one stop shop.

Innovation in Solar

Okay, so we didn't innovate solar.  We did, however innovate your access to it.  We provide solar and installation on our projects. No additional fee! You got it, it comes with your original quote. No new fee, no new contractor for installation, no endless solar salesmen solicitations. Now that is innovation.

Innovation on Site

Building the in the factory allows us to stay off your site and out of sight as much as possible.  We cut the timeline to your new home in half by simultaneously building your home WHILE your site work is done.  That's right we send one team to you to pour the foundation, prep the utility connections and prepare for inspections while another team is building your home in the factory. 

Innovation with SIPs

SIPs are a game changer, and we are not referring to your coffee.  Structural Insulated Panels are changing the speed, efficiency and durability of the construction industry. We believe in the SIPs so much that we not only make our own, but we became a supplier.  Now we are supplying AND teaching industry peers how to use them.  Click below to learn more about this innovative product.

Design Innovation

We own our home designs and create them inhouse with our own Pre-Fab draftsman.  This allows us to have stock of pre-stamped, engineered designs at the ready for our clients.  But, we don't stop there!  We can help design just about any modular building, commercial, residential, you name it.  As a matter of fact, we love the opportunity to innovate new modular design.

Innovation With Municipalities

Our Inhouse site plans are stamped through engineering, pre-approved homes built to CA code.  This expedites the building process.  Our team need only submit the site plans to the municipalities to receive the building permit then away we go!

Innovation in Energy Efficiency

We do CA Energy Code Rating in house.  Each home we build with SIPs is on average 30% more energy efficient than it's stick built counterpart and we can prove it.  Our in house HERs assessments allow us to meet the demand of energy efficiency for our product with confidence.

Innovation in Collaboration

Have you ever experienced the never ending rotation of subcontractors?  You know when the electrician doesn't know when the plumber is going to arrive and the plumber doesn't know when the tile guy is going to arrive and the tile guy doesn't know when the painter is going to come.   Our Pocket Home Pros all work together for a mutual purpose in the factory.  Innovating on multiple projects at one time.  Each skilled craftsmen is available for every phase of each project. 

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