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Pocket Cabins

This image is a rendering or open source picture meant to depict an inspirational view of this model. We are currently desigining and building these units under initial orders and will replace imagary as the actual building takes shape.

Pocket Cabins

Statewide Price

$$ Varies

One-Stop Installation

Key in the Lock

1. We visit your site to quote install/delivery

2. We handle the permits

3. Our crews do the work

4. We hand you the keys

    Our goal - the best experience for you!

Why are they separate quotes?

We offer statewide pricing on our homes because we can complete the home here in Fresno for the same price regardless of where it will go to live. But, your land is special and unique; so the circumstances to deliver and install are unique. Accordingly, we must visit, quote, and take care of this portion unique to your circumstance.

Pocket 624 Floor Plan_edited.jpg


Our units and approach are special. We aim to give you the best customer experience with a high quality home - fast. These are our features:

Cabins & Modular

A natural fit - we can build beautiful cabin homes in our flatland factory. This saves you so much money compared to crews travelling to the mounstains

Customized for the mountains or beach

We can make the place look cabin rustic or beach sheik.


Because we use SIPs we build with components. This allows us to assemble on-sight with large pre-built modules & walls. It's a game-changer for California.

Fire Replacement

We hear it all the time. Its too slow and expensive to get a fire torn home replaced. Because we utilize so many off-site techniques, we are not backed up like the folks working up in that region


The future of construction is panelized with modular components built in a factory, assembled to look like a typical home. You can view this best in the way we build cabins. The system allows for a beautiful home built in the most efficeint manner available.

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