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Big Decisions

As tiny homes have gained popularity with influencers and tv shows featuring happy people who are ready to dispel all of their personal belongings and go tiny, it seems everyone is in the market to sell you your first tiny home.  So, how do you choose? Homes on wheels or permanent dwellings?

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The Big Difference

The biggest difference between a modular home and a home on wheels is classification.  A home on wheels according to the CA Department of Housing and Community Development is a recreational vehicle (RV) that is required to receive certification from the American National Standards Institute and registration from the DMV.  As an RV it depreciates the second it rolls off the lot and into your life.  

A modular home, like traditional homes, increases your property value and appreciates over time.

Still Confused?
Do Your Own Research

 1.   Visit your municipality to found out what your property is zoned for.

2.   Research pros and cons online.

3.   Call and ask us questions.

Online r

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