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About ADUs

Accessory Dwelling Units are increasing in popularity and rightfully so.  Each unit we deliver is making a positive change in someone's life, increasing property value and making a dent in the affordable housing crisis.

Accessory Dwelling Units - ADUs

An Accessory Dwelling Unit, otherwise known as an ADU, is an independent living facility, attached or detached from the primary home. These units have become popular to use as a second living space, in-law unit or a rental home. To address the housing need in California, the state is now reducing barriers and making it easier for each residence to place an ADU or Junior ADU in their backyard. 

Pocket Home ADU Advantages:

Increases Property Value

This is one of the most common reasons homeowners build ADUs. ADUs are permanent structures and are low cost additions compared to house expansions. Detached living spaces are seen as assets to potential buyers and can be used in many different ways. The low cost investment will increase the resale value of your property. 

Appreciates Over Time

Just like any other home and permanent structure, our ADUs only increase in value over time. 

Rental Income 

ADUs are great sources of supplemental income. ADUs can be ideal for rental homes because of their separate entrances and and their own kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. You have the ability to manage the length of stay for renters long or short term rentals, or use it as a vacation rental. 

Independent Living

ADUs are independent structures and allow the occupant to have an independent living space. This is ideal for elderly family members, in=laws, college students/graduates who are still living at home and need their independent living space, for friends and families visiting from out of town. 


Our ADUs are low-impact and sustainable. We build in a factory which allows for quick build and delivery times and minimal impact to the main home and surrounding areas. Our Pocket Home ADUs are also made out of SIPs, which are extremely energy efficient and create less material waste. Utilities will be low and the integrity of the house will last a very long time. 

Affordable Housing

ADUs can be much lower in cost than traditional homes. Because of the low construction costs and smaller living spaces, ADUs can be more affordable housing options for some. To help address the housing crisis in California, the state has recently changed laws and created incentive programs for homeowners to build and add ADUs to their properties. 

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