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Vertical Integration

Pre-Fab Innovations utilizes vertical integration in the planning and building processes of Pocket Homes and Suites. This allows us to lower the costs of units, minimize risk and have overall better quality of work. 

  • Be the sole source provider for most projects.
  • Ensure optimal quality control.
  • Lower costs: no subcontactors
  • Build homes quicker and more efficiently. 
  • Lower the hassle of working with multiple contractors.
  • Have predictability over changes in plans, materials and production.

How we use
vertical integration

Vertical Integration allows us to: 

  • We own our designs and create them in-house.
  • We have multiple patterned designs. 
  • We build our SIPs in-house.
  • We build the units in our factory. 
  • We submit, and help customers submit, site plans to municipalities. 
  • We are licensed contractors. 
  • We prepare the site. 
  • We install the Pocket Home.
  • We install the solar.

Costs are lower due to all production activities occurring within one company and centralized location.

Vertical Integration allows us to have more predictability over costs and production inputs. This allows us to adapt quickly to changes.

Quality assurance is higher when the entire production process occurs in the same location. 

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