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Factory Certification

PreFab Innovations is creating the future through certifications in our factory. This is the list and why we feel they are necessary:

1) Ca Housing and Community Development Factory-Built Certification. Factory-built is different than other forms of housing. We are required to build to the current Ca Code Set. Whereas manufactured housing and commercial modulars are allowed to relax the stringent requirements of CA code, we cannot. Which means every home we build has the same stringent requirements that contractors must adhere to. Once a set of plans is approved by the state contracted Design Approval Agency, we can build 1 or 1000 of them. This ability greatly decreases the need for plan checks during the permit process.

2) Quality Assurance- Our units are inspected by state-contract Quality Assurance Agents and each unit is built in a controlled setting with a team-based approach. The result is a great house which exceeds everyone's expectation.

3) LEED- Energy efficiency is very important to us - and you. We build each unit to adhere to green building standards.

4) Service-disabled Veteran owned small business. A main focus of ours is job creation. This certification allows us to compete for teaming partnerships with large Prime Contractors on major projects. This allows us to create jobs in our local economy.

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