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Can Pre-Fab Innovations Pocket Homes save fire ravaged areas?

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

The Paradise fire, Creek Complex Fire and now the Dixie Fire are some of the most horrific fire events in recent years. Once the flames die down, people remain with tattered lives and charred household remains. Where do they live? FEMA provides a lot of resource, all of it needed. RV's, congregant settings, hotels. But is there a better way? Can a Pre-Fab Innovations factory-built home provide a quick, permanent and dignified solution?

The short answer is YES!



1) The homes can be delivered anywhere a crane can get to.

2) ADU law allows units to be placed on lots with minimal impediment.

3) Residents can live on their land while they rebuild. In a unit built-to-code and tied into services. So much better then an RV.

4) Once rebuilt, the unit can be retained or sold and moved.

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