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Module+ Construction

  • At PreFab Innovations, we firmly believe that the construction industry needs to evolve and grow. And we are committed to a better product via innovative effort. We will change an industry. Why?

  • Because of E.T. – well what is showcased on the popular movie anyways. The movie was released in 1982 and in the chase scenes some very cool things are apparent 40 years later.

  • First, they had these in the chase:

  • Yes, that is a 1982 Ford Fairmont product placement. You would never see one of these on the road now, 40 years later. Not a classic, sorry Ford lovers. Instead, Fords have come a long way. Modern, sleek, efficient, beautiful. Clearly the industry evolved.

  • But in the chase scenes we also saw new construction suburbia… It is exactly the same today - 40 years later. Sure, there are new materials and efficiency products have improved, the code has improved. But the process to build has not. AND IT IS KILLING HOUSING!

  • Module+ is the answer. Similar to a modern new car, PreFab Innovations is building the new process for housing. You can choose the model, the colors, the materials and have it delivered quickly to your lot. However, this is the plus part – our internal staff network will install it. No subs, no extra overhead charges like insurance, management expenses and profit. Nope, your module, your house, by us, all the way home. It is called Vertically Integrated Construction (or Module+) and it is the only way from now on to make it work.

  • Ahh, but you have a point… cars are made from many parts! So are our modules. We buy most of the products we use. But once it is completed, you will get it delivered and installed by the pros who built it and are trained to install it.

  • We have an industry that is largely 100 years behind the Innovation curve. Change it with us and get a better product installed for less of your hard-earned money.

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