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One Stop ADU


At Pre-Fab Innovations we take care of your ADU Pocket Home from start to finish.  Our one stop ADU shop includes project design, planning, permitting, foundation prep, and installation.

Find out how PreFab has innovated all of your ADU needs.


Choose from our many pre-stamped modular designs or design your own with our in-house draftsman and in-house energy efficiency rating (HERS)


No need to hassle with your municipality about your new ADU, we take care of that. Our in-house developer manages the permitting process for our clients.


Our PreFab team assembles your home in the factory in a controlled climate and setting to optimize team work and time management. Each home is built with Structural Insulated Panels which have revolutionized efficiency in the industry.


Our Pre-Fab Site Team prepares your site for installation of your new ADU while the factory team is building the home in the factory.  Once your home is ready for delivery, we deliver it, install it and get you to your Certificate of Occupancy.

 Pocket 440 Backyard ADU

“Having an ADU on our property is allowing us to provide housing for more people and have family closer to us. It really is going to change the amount of support we receive from loved ones and let us support more individuals in the future.”

Justin Pocket Home 440 Fresno, CA

I love that I have a home that is new and that I can be around my family and meet new people.

Buck (Pocket 576 Hanford CA)

Pocket 576 Backyard ADU Hanford CA
Pocket 497 Backyard ADU Fresno CA

My tiny house is a perfect backyard retreat. I love the energy efficiency and modern style.

Living the Dream!

Stacey, Pocket 497 Fresno, CA

That's our house! PreFab built us a beautiful home

Teresa, Pocket 288 Sanger CA


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