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PreFab is a One-Stop Shop and our steps are simple:

1) Pick from a selection of Pre-Approved 16 homes

2) Connect with one of our agents statewide

3) Host a site visit

4) Sign contracts & we do the rest

 (plan drafting, permits, site work, installation and cleanup)

5) Move-in 4 weeks after a permit is issued*.

(*timing is not guaranteed and based on many variables. However, this our goal.)

Why we are different 

Our Values:

  • Make development frictionless

    • One-Stop Shop​

  • Make construction faster

    • Factory Processes​

  • Use better technology

    • So many  innovations!​

  • Create efficiency so you help the environment

    • Net-Zero​ Homes​

  • Teach employees the best methods

    • Best training pipepline​

  • Create the best user experience in construction.

    • You pick a home - we do the rest, in-house!​

Accessory Dwelling Units & Cabins -Approved Statewide

Some of these images are a rendering or open source picture meant to depict an inspirational view of a model. We are currently desigining and building these units under initial orders and will replace imagary as the actual building takes shape.

We are here to simply make this a GREAT EXPERIENCE for you. 

Which means: FAST & SIMPLE

Nearly every home is Net-Zero

“Having an ADU on our property is allowing us to provide housing for more people and have family closer to us. It really is going to change the amount of support we receive from loved ones and let us support more individuals in the future.”

Justin Pocket Home 440 Fresno, CA

I love that I have a home that is new and that I can be around my family and meet new people.

Buck (Pocket 576 Hanford CA)

My tiny house is a perfect backyard retreat. I love the energy efficiency and modern style. Living the Dream!

Stacey, Pocket 497 Fresno, CA

That's our house! PreFab built us a beautiful home

Teresa, Pocket 288 Sanger CA

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